Frozen City MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Coins)

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Century Games Pte. Ltd.
Feb 6, 2024
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NameFrozen City
Available Version1.9.10
DeveloperCentury Games Pte. Ltd.
Total Users10,000,000+
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Operating SystemAndroid

Frozen City is a virtual reality game that allows players to explore an Arctic landscape with its own unique challenges. From rescuing stranded citizens and battling ice monsters to collecting crystals and discovering secrets this game has something for everyone. Read on to find out more about Frozen City and why it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular virtual reality games around.

Survive in Frozen City

As a leader of survivers you will need to make sure safety of all survivors. your team should be prepared for the cold weather. Here are some tips to help you survive in a frozen city.

Dress in layers of warm clothing to protect yourself from the cold. Stay indoors as much as possible to avoid the cold weather. If you must go outside, be sure to cover your exposed skin. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Avoid strenuous activity as it will make you sweat and increase your risk of hypothermia.

Explore Wild Life in the ice

One of the best things about Frozen City is that it allows you to explore wildlife in the ice. You can see polar bears, penguins and other animals in their natural habitat. It’s a great way to learn about these animals and their ecology.

Unlock New Heroes

In order to unlock new heroes in the Frozen City players must first complete the tutorial. After the tutorial is completed players will be able to access the world map. On the world map there are various icons representing different areas. In order to unlock new heroes players must explore these area and complete the tasks associated with them. Some of these tasks may require defeating enemies while others may simply require finding a certain object. Once all tasks in an area are completed a new hero will be unlocked for use in subsequent gameplay.

Rebuild City for Your People

After the great war the once bustling city lay in ruin. You must rebuild it for your people! This is a daunting task but with a little hard work and determination, you can make your city the best it can be.

Firstly you will need to clear away the debris and rubble that covers the land. Then you can start to build new structures and roads. Be sure to plan carefully so that your city is efficient and easy to navigate.

As you rebuild don’t forget to provide for your citizens’ needs. They will need places to live, work and play. If you can create a thriving city for them they will be loyal subjects and gladly help you defend it from any threats that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use Frozen City MOD APK?

    Frozen City is a Simulation APK modified for additional features and free upgrades. Just follow simple installation instructions mentioned below to use it.

  • How to Download Frozen City ?

    You can easily download latest version of Frozen City from APKoon. Visit and Search APK name in search bar. Select required APK and start downloading. If any APK is not available then just put it in request section.

  • APKoon is safe? is well known Android marketplace committed to provide trusted APKs to users. All Android Applications and Games available on APKoon are scanned and tested. Download any APK from here it is completely safe.

  • How to install APK and OBB file?

    To install bigger games you need to download two files .APK and .OBB. You can easily install APK file as you do normally. Put OBB file in Android/obb/ [game package] folder.

Frozen City MOD APK Download Guide

This is modified version of Frozen City APK. This version includes unlimited mod features like menu mod and many more. Follow instructions and learn touch controls to start using this Simulation APK. Download 100% working Frozen City mod APK from APKoon and follow standard installation instructions.

Standard APK Installation Instructions

Follow This Standard Proceedure to easily Install Frozen City APK file. Follow all mentioned steps and enjoy your Simulation APK.

  1. Uninstall all other installed versions of Frozen City from your device.

    Previous APK Packages will conflict with this APK. Therefore Uninstall all old versions before installing this apk.

  2. Download latest version from APKoon

    To Download Frozen City APK click on the ‘Download’ button, and download APK in device storage.

  3. Open downloaded APK file

    Just tap on the downloaded file to open and install it.

  4. Allow APK Installation from this [Browser] Source.

    For any browser for first time system asks for installation permissions. Allow this installation permission if asked.

  5. Allow necessary Device Permissions

    Downloaded APK may require different permissions like network, location and storage. Allow necessary permissions to use the APK.

  6. Follow initial instructions to use APK

    Follow initial instructions to get used to the app interface. Learn Controls and Methods to use the APK.


Frozen City is a Simulation APK for Android with latest Version 1.9.10(mod) is available for download. MOD Version of Frozen City have many additional features than orginal APK, still you can choose to download original APK. Click below to Download Frozen City mod APK.

What's new

1. Updated the Evil Fur Factory event.
2. Optimized the UI layout of the main screen.